Charleston, South Carolina




Charleston is the oldest known “holy” city in the U.S state of South Carolina. The city has an estimated population of 120,083 as of 2017. Charleston, famously acknowledged as “Charles Town”was founded in 1670,in the honour of King Charles II of England. Charlestonbecame the first extensive planned town with regional planning and economic development in lieu of “Grand Model” plan initiated in 1670, by the famous English philosopher and thinker “John Locke” who is addressed as the “Father of Liberalism”.The city has a rich cultural heritage, which has been shaped right from Colonial to the Contemporary era. The city’s population is mainly dominated by Caucasians (67.4%), the second majority being the African-Americans (26.9%), followed by Asians and other races (Hispanics & Latinos) comprising the rest 5.7%.

The French Protestant (Huguenot) Church is one of only two remaining Huguenot churches in America.

The St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church’s spire soars 255 feet (78 m) above Charleston.

The First Presbyterian Church on Meeting Street was known as the “Silent Church” because it donated its bells to the Confederate military.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist was started in 1890, but its spire was added only in 2009.


Charleston has a humid subtropical climate with mild winters, hot, humid summers, and substantial rainfall all year long.

Spring season is one of the most remarkable season, which starts from March to early June in which the dogwoods and other spring gardens blossom in abundance. Average springtime temperatures range from 58oF to 72oF.

Summers are warm and humid with average daily temperatures ranging from 78oF to 82oF. Notably, summers are the wettest season with 41% of the total rainfall occurring during this period.

Autumn season starts in the late September, which continues into early November during which the weather is characteristically sunny with average daily temperatures ranging from 76oF in September which cools down to average 58oF by November.

Winter in the Charleston region starts in December and runs through February. Winter is typically mild, with periods of rain and occasional snow outbreaks in late December and early January. Daily temperatures average between 47°F and 52° F.

Charleston is an international travel destination, steadily voted as the number one city in the U.S. and number two on the World’s Best Cities list by top travel magazines. The city offers some of the best cuisines in the country. Owing to their cultural diversity, the restaurants in Charleston have their own authenticity and most of them source their ingredients from the local farmers and poultries. From a range of restaurants and bars that Charleston to offer, we have chosen some of the best for you.




If you want to savor your taste buds with some of the finest Lebanese dishes, then you cannot think of any other place than this. Authentic Lebanese cuisine, with super friendly staff,makes it not only fantastic but also a memorable experience for you and your loved ones.


One of the finest dining restaurants in Charleston with an ambiance you can’t beat; Circa 1886 restaurant hosts some of the best low country food. “Fine Wine and Dine” is what it’s all about and here you will exactly find that combination to be true. The staff with not only assist you with the menu but also will guide you through the list of wine to find the perfect blend for your dining experience.


Steak lovers will boast Halls Chophouse as the best restaurant in Charleston and the restaurant completely lives up to the expectations. The ambiance, lighting and the music makes your mood just right. The main attraction of the restaurant is the “Sunday Gospel Brunch” where you can enjoy steak and eggs on the tunes of local Gospel Music.


If you are running short on cash and want to have a quick bite before a ride, Brown Dog Deli is just the place to be. Great hotdogs and brunch menus and lip-smacking lunch options to choose from.


Being the pioneer in the German Biergarten in the city and hosted in the historic building on East Bay street, the bar is famous for serving some of the best beer coupled with the latest technology including menus served on iPads. With more than 30 beers on offer at all times, they have Bavarian inspired Southern made food on the platter along with it. With the historic setup and the German culture, the Biergaten will sure make your visit memorable.


Honored with the “Best Rooftop Bar” by Charleston city paper since 2007 and situated in the Charleston’s solely dedicated Art hotel, The Rooftop is a preferred destination for tourists to relish the city’s extensive beauty, historic culture and the beautiful art community. With a range of cocktails, teamed up with their exquisite dining options, the rooftop becomes an ideal place for teaming up for an unforgettable evening.


Labelled as “Low key” bar by many travellers, the rustic view of the bar keeps its authenticity alive. With the concert venue for many local and regional musicians with the dim light ambiance, it’s a delight to be there in the evenings. With the short and crisp menu on offer, this bar has earned its place as one of the best budget bars in the city.


The Gin Joint is on top of the list of many leading newspapers and magazines of the state. Proud of their locally sourced ingredients and their ever-changing seasonal menus, the joint offers some of the best bar tenders to your service. Their service named as “Bartender’s choice” is a famous among the cocktail lovers where the bartenders makes a drink based on two descriptors that you give them.


Featured by the Charleston city paper as “Best Beer Selection on Tap”, the bar has an extensive collection of the local beers to offer. With a faux fireplace and the rustic outlook, the bar has an eclectic menu to offer. Team up the beer with a quick bite and you are good to go!


Located right in the middle of Old Charleston, this chophouse has developed a special place among the steak lovers. A perfect place to celebrate your special day, the professional staff and the chef will make sure to offer you more than what you pay each time. With a rooftop bar for wine lovers, the place with its high ceilings, pillars and round high-backed booths, the restaurant will make your experience some of the finest that you expect in the city.




Middleton place is “America’s oldest landscaped garden” As per their website,“The gardens have followedThe principles of Andre Le Notre, the master of classical garden design who laid down the Palace of Versailles. Rational order, geometry, and design were all parts of the garden design.” The Garden Club of America has declared it as“The most important and interesting garden in America”; and, according to Peter Coats, author of Great Gardens of the Western World, “as fine as any you could find in Europe.”


Valued as the #1 visited attraction in Charleston, the city market is a place that you just can’t ignore if you are touring the city. The city market is the country’s oldest public market which was established in 1790s. After spending millions of dollars on it’s complete makeover in 2010, the revamped market was reopened to public in 2011. Open 364 days in a year and hosting more than 300 local entrepreneurs, the markets offers a wide range of products to choose from. Whether it’s the local artisans showcasing themselves in forms of fine art, jewellery and accessories or the premium beauty products, we are sure that you will leave the place with ample of souvenirs for your loved ones.


Magnolia is South Carolina’s most visited plantation gardens and was selected as “America’s Most Beautiful Gardens” by Travel & Leisure magazine. Being the oldest public tourist site in the Lowcountry, it is the hosts some of the most beautiful varieties of flowers and plants. Along with the garden, you will also enjoy their exquisite Nature train, their rice field tour, swamp garden and not the last, the zoo and the nature center. It’s a whole family package which will leave a marked impression on your memories to remember.


Folly Beach is one of the iconic beaches in Charleston. The 2500 feet of ocean beach is included with outdoor showers, restrooms, picnic areas and most importantly there are surfboards available on rentals who want to take on their surfing dreams. So, if you want to spend a day tanning yourself in the Southern sun, away from the hustle of the city, Folly Beach is the place to be!


Rejoice the history created right in front of your eyes with a stroll at The Battery. Located at the southern tip of Charleston, at the meeting juncture of Ashley and Cooper rivers, The Battery is a landmark defensive seawall. With the cannons and the statues of military heroes to admire, the place was a witness to revolutionary wars and a resting ground for pirates. The Battery hosts many historic antebellum homes and centuries old oaks to adore and a walk around the white point gardens will make your day complete.


Founded in 1773 as the nation’s first museum, the Charleston museum was first opened to public in 1824. The Museum is spread over two historic buildings namely “Heyward Washington House” and “JosephManigault House”. The Museum is a rich assemblage of the South Carolina history and artifacts from all over the world. Right from glimpses of Civil war to decorative arts, the Museum’s main attraction is the now extinct “Pelagornissandersi” the only known fossil of the largest flying bird ever discovered.


To embrace the city’s maritime history and get spectacular views of the Maritime harbour, the boat tours provide excellent options for the same. With historical commentaries from the boat captains along with the breath-taking views of some of the Charleston’s most beautiful places, the boat tours will make sure you have a great time. There are a variety of boat operators to choose from and most of them charge reasonable charge for their services.


Located on the historic Charleston Harbour, the aquarium hosts thousands of aquatic species. An instant hit among the kids and adults alike, the two storied, 385,000-gallon giant water tank will make your eyeballs pop as you become a part of the giant underwater action with loggerhead sea turtles, alligators, great blue herons and many more species moving right around you behind the glass. The Aquarium also features a Touch tank where the visitors can touch stingrays, horse shoe crabs, and other marine animals. If you are looking for a quick glance or a more extensive educational tour, the aquarium will please you with a string of options to make sure you leave with a smile on your face.


Be prepared to chill your spines with a visit of the historic jail. From its inception in 1802 until 1939, the jail hosted some of the most notorious criminals with civil war prisoners and pirates alike. The remarkable thing to notice is that most of the structures have been left untouched and every cell has a story to tell. It is believed that many of the jail inmates died in their cells and their spirits haunt the place to this date. With the place featured in numerous paranormal television shows, make sure to have a visit the place to test your Phasmophobia.


If you are an avid book lover, you should drop by at this King Street book shop where you can immerse yourself in thousands of books to choose from. Right from learning about Charleston’s history to more contemporary topics, the store has it all. Make sure to keep a check on their website for their regular talks and signings and other event listings.

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